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Workers Comp Cost Containment Starts With Accident Investigation

Developing a strategy to effectively manage and contain Workers’ Compensation claim costs requires an integrated, holistic approach.  This approach should include cost containment strategies applied before an incident occurs, during disability, and when the worker returns to work.  These strategies offer solutions to help implement and strengthen your programs.

For the Employee:

  • Immediate reporting of all injuries to the applicable supervisor
  • Use of designated medical care providers
  • Follow-through on prescribed treatments and medications
  • Maintain regular contact with your employer.

For the Supervisor:

  • Render immediate care to the injured worker
  • Immediately report, within 24 hours, all claims to the MCO
  • Immediately investigate all accidents
  • Maintain communication with the injured worker
  • Immediately report any suspicious events, statements, or observations to the insurance carrier.

For the Employer:

  • Obtain a list of qualified medical providers from your managed care provider
  • Post your list of preferred medical providers and employee accident handling procedures in common areas
  • Train and educate all workers and management throughout your company as to their claim handling responsibilities
  • Regularly remind workers and management of your claims handling procedures through communications such as envelope stuffers, memos, and letters
  • Identify jobs that can be modified to permit an early return to work by the injured worker
  • Maintain communications with the managed care provider and claim adjuster
  • Review your procedures with your MCO.  They may have suggestions to enhance them.



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