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Why are my employees getting medical bills for their workers’ comp claims?

Have your employees ever received medical bills related to their Ohio workers’ compensation claim and wondered why they are being billed? Here’s the simple explanation, the physician’s billing office may not be aware that the charges are related to a workers’ compensation claim. To be certain, the actual statement will always tell the story. If it shows that the medical insurance was billed or there is a discount noted for not having insurance, that is a good indicator that the physician’s offices does not have the employee’s workers’ compensation information on file.

The best way to remedy this situation is to act quickly and follow these simple steps:

  1. Have the employee contact the physician’s office to clarify the injury was work related. Your employee will need to have their BWC claim number and Managed Care Organization’s (MCO) contact information when they speak to the providers’ office.
  2. You, as the employer of record, can contact your MCO right way to discuss the matter. Your MCO will be able to assist you and your injured employee to ensure the bill is properly addressed with the physician’s office.
  3. The employee can then follow up with the physician’s office to confirm their records have been properly updated to reflect their injury is a workers’ compensation claim.
  4. The employee or you can follow up with your MCO to verify the physician has billed the MCO and payment will be forthcoming.

Your employees should not receive any medical bills for their workplace injury. If, at any time during the life of the claim, they do get a bill, make sure you follow the steps outlined above. Immediate attention to medical billing statements will prevent any collection activity that could negatively impact credit scores. Remember to always work with the experts, your MCO, to ensure workers’ compensation medical bills are paid accurately and timely.


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