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Warn Your Workers About Cold Weather Safety and Health Hazards

Cold weather introduces unique hazards that employees need to be aware of so that they can take adequate precautions to protect their safety and health throughout the winter months. 

Falling down on slippery outdoor surfaces is a major cold weather hazard.   Slipping and falling on an icy or wet surface could result in a back injury, a sprain, or even a broken bone.

Train your employees to take these precautions to prevent slips and falls this winter:

  • Be sure to report any icy spots that could cause staff to fall on walkways around the facility or in parking areas.
  • If you are responsible for snow and ice removal around the facility, make sure to sand or salt icy walkways, stairways, and ramps immediately.  If necessary, also put up signs or barriers to warn staff, patients, and visitors of slippery conditions.
  • Always wear shoes or boots with nonslip soles outside on wet, icy, or snowy days. You can change into your work shoes when you get to work.
  • Walk slowly and shuffle your feet on slippery surfaces.  Avoid turning sharply when you walk on a slippery surface. Be extra careful when carrying packages, equipment, materials, etc.
  • Use one hand to hold onto the railing when using outdoor stairways.

Do you have any other suggestions or preventive strategies to share?  Our goal is to minimize injuries as well as the severity and impact to your company.  Please share information to help others!


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