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Valid Job Offers Could Improve Unemployment Rate

During the winter months certain industries may have little to no work available for employees, which could increase filing of unemployment claims. While these months do hinder work, several creative companies are offering jobs to employees during this season that may last a couple of weeks.

Do you know how to offer an employee this work in a way that ODJFS will consider it a “valid job offer”?

Recommendations toward a legitimate job offer:

  • Provide the employee a certified letter specifying the details of the position being offered. This should include: job duties, pay rate, and hours/days expected to work. In an instance where you are requesting the employee to return to their existing position you can simply state that in the letter. Offering the job in writing proves the employers intentions, as well as providing proof of receipt by the employee.  
  • Specify the date to report to work and the date the work will cease, if this will be a temporary position.
  • There must be a specific position available to be considered a genuine offer. Discussing a job possibility with an employee does not constitute an offer.

If you offer an employee a job and they refuse it, there is a possibility to get their unemployment denied for that timeframe.  Any questions can be directed to Sheakley’s Unemployment Division at 800-877-5055 ext. 2056.


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