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Unemployment Extensions Officially Ending

The latest Unemployment Extension bill failed to pass the Senate this week. The bill would have extended EUC payments, but did not offer a viable solution to how these benefits would be paid.

The last week that was payable for any EUC claim was week ending 12/28/13. Claimants that were on the Extensions were encouraged to continue to file weeks until this bill either passed or failed, as retroactive benefits would have been paid had the bill passed. Now that the final decision has been set forth, no further weeks will be paid on EUC claims.

As a result of this, any new claims opened and filed will offer the standard 26 weeks of payments to claimants in Ohio. For calendar year 2014 the maximum amount a claimant can collect is $14,664. As has always been the standard, payments are based on average weekly wages and number of dependants.

If you have questions regarding extensions or benefit amounts, feel free to contact the Sheakley Unemployment Team at 800-877-5055 x2056


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