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Unemployment Extensions and Assistance

The final Unemployment Extension deadline has passed! As of 01/12/13, no new claims for Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits can be filed. These federally funded extensions were originally set to end on 12/31/12, but a last minute extension pushed that date out to 01/12/13. The extended time to file for EUC benefits did not add any additional weeks of payments, it simply extended the time frame for which claimants were permitted to file.

Unemployed Ohioans who were already filing claims for EUC benefits will be permitted to collect the remainder of weeks available in their Tier, but will not be able to move on to the next Tier.

Claimants who are still unemployed and reaching the end of their claims are urged to register with Ohio’s Job Search website at for thousands of job opportunities. For further assistance, including help with resumes and links to other avenues of assistance in Ohio, visit the One-Stop website for assistance in Ohio here.


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