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Things You Should Know About FMLA Reinstatement

Chubbworks recently published, “Deciphering The FMLA And Job Reinstatement – What Employers Need To Know” featuring violations found by the US Department of Labor regarding an employer’s out-of-date leave policy. In addition to an overview of the case, Chubbworks outlined ways to help you stay compliant with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), including the following checklist to avoid risk when an eligible employee takes FMLA leave:

  • “Review your policies and procedures annually for updates to comply with FMLA updates and amendments.
  • Make the policies accessible to all employees to be sure all required information is available regarding the FMLA.
  • Train your employees about their responsibilities when requesting FMLA leave regarding documentation, notice, and certifications.
  • When a leave is requested, be sure that all return dates are clearly identified in the paperwork.
  • Keep careful documentation for an extended leave or intermittent leave.
  • Use the FMLA forms on the DOL’s website.
  • Seek advice of counsel if you are not clear about an employee’s (or the organization’s) FMLA rights and responsibilities.”

Click here to read the full article by Chubbworks.


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