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Ohio’s Unemployment Rate for May 2012 Drops Slightly

Ohio’s unemployment rate continues to drop, moving from 7.4% in April 2012 to 7.3% in May 2012. A year ago in May, Ohio’s unemployment rate was 8.8%.

What changes do you feel have been made to reduce Ohio’s unemployment rate?


One thought on “Ohio’s Unemployment Rate for May 2012 Drops Slightly”

  1. The terminated workers are running out of benefits [unemployment] and construction related employment which is seasonal is at the busy time of the year. The decrease at this time is really a bad sign or is a terrible indication. As per Margaret Thatcher socialism or communism soon runs out of money. We all need to get back to work, and that will not happen if we continue to support the other countries in the world. We can not save the world. We need to be neutral like Switzerland. Prohibition did not work with alcohol and will never work with drugs. Hitler like Obama was very charismatic.

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