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Ohio is an “At-Will” Employment State, Why Do I Have to Pay UI Benefits?

Ohio is one of 43 states in the US that have an At-Will Employment Policy. This essentially means that when you hire an employee, you or that employee can end the employee/employer relationship at any time for any reason.  This At-Will employment policy covers you in regards to labor laws, but has absolutely nothing to do with unemployment laws.

If you terminate an employee for violating an established policy you must provide ODJFS copies of your disciplinary policy, the employee’s signed acceptance of that policy and copies of any warnings he or she was given leading up to termination. Simply stating that you are exercising your “At-Will Employer” rights will not exempt you from paying unemployment on that person.

Your Sheakley Account Manager is available to consult with prior to separation as well as when a claim is filed. If you have questions about when the right time to separate would be, feel free to call your UI account manager.


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