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Missions Matter and a Clear Mission Can Improve Job Satisfaction

Finding a great employee is just the first step. Once you find your best employees, the greater challenge becomes keeping them happy. Compensation and benefits are certainly helpful, but job satisfaction goes beyond these perks. For employees to be satisfied with their job, they need to find some sort of pleasure in what they do. A recent post by Exabyzness summarizes the results of a study by Spherion that clear-missions-result-in-higher-job-satisfactionfound job satisfaction is higher in companies with a clear mission that employees can connect to at an emotional level. The study reports that 70% of companies with a well-developed brand and mission have higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention versus only 34% of companies without a clear mission. And there’s more:

• 41% of employees working for a company without a clear mission are likely to seek employment elsewhere, compared to just 21% working for a company with a solid brand.
• Approximately one quarter of employees (23%) say their company does not have a clear corporate mission.
• Only 46% of respondents say their company is effective at communicating their corporate mission.
• And only 51% of workers say their company follows-through on their mission as well.

Click here to read more and then take a look at your mission. Ask your employees if the mission is clear and if they think the company follows through on the mission.


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