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Manage Your Employees Like Athletes

It’s baseball season – hopes are high, anything is possible. Is your team going to the World Series this year? Baseball managers are working hard to keep their teams motivated and playing their best. The season can be grueling. Six months of living out of a suitcase with only three or four days off per month. Managers need to be in tune with their team, and be ready to provide whatever support is needed to keep each player at optimal performance.

The Michael C. Fina blog provides some management insights that apply both on the field Baseballand in the office that we wanted to share with you:

“MVP Candidates  – Contrary to some, workplace superstars shouldn’t just be left alone because they’re exceptional. Your highest performing employees also need to be recognized for the jobs they do. Otherwise, they can begin to feel underappreciated after a while. Recognizing the star employees can also help raise the bar for lower-performing colleagues.

 Role Players – Every team has someone who can singlehandedly pull the group through difficult times, but not everyone relishes that spotlight. For every team leader who runs a project, there’s always a technological expert or proofreader whose behind the scenes responsibilities are equally as important. Great managers recognize and appreciate the individual efforts it takes for the team to be successful.

 Slumping Players – An overwhelming workload, diminished sense of purpose, or personal issues outside of work can result in employees who may struggle on occasion. Admittedly, it takes a manager’s keen eye to spot a slump; but two-way communication and extending a helping hand is the best method of getting an employee back on track sooner than later.”

Now, play ball!


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