Know Your Options – Sheakley’s Workers’ Compensation

Sheakley’s goal is to provide our clients with superior level of expertise to ensure peace of mind when it comes to managing Workers’ Compensation.

In 2014, we had more handicap reimbursements and claim settlements on a per client basis than our 3 largest competitor TPA’s in Ohio. Our top ranking for handicap reimbursements and settlements proves that our aggressive claims management team delivers results!

We are committed to using the best technology available for service delivery. Our new claims management system has been widely used by national workers’ compensation insurance carriers and ensures “best practice” standards for indemnity and medical cost management as well as injured employee return to work.

Additionally, our underwriting practices are reviewed by independent actuaries to ensure that the premium savings or rebates we project are attainable.

With Sheakley, you can have full confidence that your Workers’ Compensation program is being handled by industry leaders with a proven track record of success.


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