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I2P2 Is on OSHA’s Radar—Is It on Yours?

“Injury and illness prevention programs (I2P2) are good for workers, good for business, and good for America.” OSHA administrator David Michaels made this statement in support of a plan that would require employers to develop written safety programs based on a common set of elements. In its most recent regulatory update, OSHA said it anticipates a notice of proposed rulemaking on I2P2s by September 2014.

The cost of worker injuries is staggering, and OSHA believes an approach to workplace safety with I2P2s at the center can save money. The agency estimates that implementing I2P2s will reduce injuries by 15 to 35% for employers that do not currently have programs.

In addition to the direct costs, employers face a variety of indirect costs which include:

  • Wages paid to injured workers for absences not covered by workers’ comp
  • Wage costs related to time lost through work stoppage
  • Administrative time spent by supervisors following injuries
  • Employee training and replacement costs
  • Lost productivity related to new employee learning curves and accommodation of injured employees
  • Replacement costs of damaged material, machinery, and property

For more information on I2P2, here’s a fact sheet, or go here to help get you started on a written safety program.  Need more help?  Contact your Sheakley UniComp Client Relations Manager, or call 888-743-2559 and you will be directed to the appropriate professional.


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