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How Will House Bill 37 Affect Your Unemployment Rate?

Effective October 21, 2013, Ohio employers may be penalized for not providing adequate and/or timely responses to requests regarding unemployment separation information.  Essentially, if a claim is allowed at the initial level and the employer provides additional information at the re-determination level that causes a decision reversal, penalties may occur.

Employers will be given three “strikes” before penalties ensue.  The fourth instance of failure to provide adequate and/or timely information will result in the loss of protest rights to an employer on the offending claim. Though the claim may be denied, the employer will not be permitted to receive removal of charges on that claim and any payments will be counted towards the experience rate.

At Sheakley, we strive to provide the state with all adequate information related to the claim on our original responses assuring this new ODJFS standard shouldn’t affect the way we work or the info that most clients submit.

If you have any questions, contact your account manager or any member of the Sheakley Unemployment Team at 800-877-5055 x2056.


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