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Five Reasons You Should Encourage Your Employees to Use All Their Vacation Time

Vacation timeYour most dedicated, valuable employees are those that do NOT use all their vacation time, right? Perhaps not. What’s worse is that it’s possible you are losing productivity and employee satisfaction by allowing employees to skip their vacations.

Right Management surveyed 763 workers throughout North America via an online poll that ran from November 16 to December 15 and discovered that only 31 percent of respondents planned to use all their vacation in 2013. This is consistent with 2011 and 2012 surveys.

As reported on, “Every employee at every level should be encouraged to take time to reenergize, recharge and relax to be more satisfied and productive on the job,” said Matt Norquist, General Manager at Right Management. “The importance of vacation cannot be understated in today’s workplace when companies are doing more with less and adding workloads to their teams.”

A more satisfied employee with proper work-life balance has more to give on a daily basis. And, taking vacations helps prevent burnout. Here are five reasons you should encourage your employees to use all their vacation time: (Source:

  1. Vacations allow employees time to recharge and help avoid burnout among team members.
  2. Employees who take their vacations often come back with new and fresh ideas.
  3. When an employee is absent on vacation, it allows you an opportunity to evaluate workload to determine if the employee is doing too much or too little.
  4. When employees go on vacation, you have a chance to evaluate how other employees react when faced with new opportunities.
  5. Vacation is also important for discovering fraud and theft. When dishonest employees leave for vacation, it becomes more difficult for them to cover their tracks and their work can be verified.

Of course, be sure to schedule vacations to ensure customer service is not interrupted.


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