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Combine Wellness with Risk Management to Help Curb Workers’ Comp Costs

Employers are always looking for ways to reduce business costs while improving productivity. One way to accomplish this is by including a wellness program in your employee benefits package. This type of program can be as simple or elaborate as you make it and the results will be good for you and your employees.

Wellness benefits can create a healthier workforce and reduce your workers’ compensation liability. Employees who are aware and in tune with their personal wellness are not only are more productive, but also tend to recover from injuries at a faster rate. The end result is that the healthier employee will return to work quicker, reducing workers’ comp costs.

A recent report from Lockton Insurance Brokers Wellness Programs: The Positive Impact on Workers’ Compensation Claims examines the role that health-risk (or “co-morbid”) factors, such as obesity play in workers’ compensation claims, and the steps that companies can take to reduce claims costs by improving employees’ health.

Helping employees create healthy habits will lead to employees that spend more time on the job and less time in the doctor’s office. For more information on the effectiveness of and creating wellness programs check out online resources from the Society for Human Resource Management and Wellness Council of America.

Looking for assistance to get your wellness program started?  Contact your Sheakley UniComp Client Relations Manager, or call 888-743-2559 and you will be directed to the appropriate professional.


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