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Business Tax Filers Can File 2013 Returns Effective January 13, 2014

The IRS 2014 tax season has begun! 2013 business tax returns are now being accepted as of Monday, January 13, 2014. Business returns include any return that posts on the IRS Business Master File (BMF). BMF returns include a variety of income tax and information returns such as:

It also includes various excise and payroll tax returns, such as:

Exclusions apply for certain Unincorporated Small Businesses & returns filed by estates and trusts

The January 13 start date does not apply to Form 1041, the return filed by estates and trusts, and unincorporated small businesses that report their income on Form 1040.

 The start date for 1041 and all 1040 filers is January 31, 2014. Although the IRS encourages these small businesses to begin preparing their returns, it will not be able to accept these or any other individual returns or begin processing them until January 31. This includes sole proprietors who file a Schedule C.

Here are some additional, helpful links from the IRS featuring employment taxes for business owners and employee free tax filings:

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Free File Opens Today, Offers Free Tax Prep and E-filing
IR-2014-4, Jan. 17, 2014 — To help people get a jump on their taxes before the Jan. 31 filing season opens, the IRS announced the availability of Free File for most taxpayers. 

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Reminder: All W-2’s and 1099-MISC are to be mailed out no later than January 31, 2014. 


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