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Breakrooms Boost Productivity. No, Really!

Staples Advantage recently released a study reporting that 70 percent of surveyed managers believe that their workers are more productive currently than they were five years ago. While improved technology may come as no surprise as to why we’ve seen this increase, the study revealed that improved breaks and telecommuting also play a significant role. Recommendations based on study results released from Staples include:

    • productivityCreate a collaborative workspace. Whether by open office design, or mixing in casual and formal meeting areas to promote spontaneous conversation and teamwork, give your teams space to think together, and they’ll work better. Together. Create spaces that allow employees to easily communicate and share ideas.
    • Build a better breakroom. Productivity increases when employees can step away from work and get a mental break – it helps refuel the brain. Having a breakroom nearby, that’s comfortable, inviting, and offers a variety of snacks gives your employees a place to recharge without having to leave the office.
    • Technology. Of course a pretty space and somewhere to relax isn’t all that’s needed. Your employees need the proper tools to get their job done efficiently. Tablets, VPN’s for remote access and telecommuting, and printing services could be the key to unlocking new efficiencies for your team.

A few productivity-killers to keep an eye out for include:
– Meetings
– Nice outdoor weather
– Uncomfortable indoor temperatures

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