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Sheakley Brings Active Shooter Training to Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo and Cleveland

If there was an active shooter situation at your facility would your employees know what to do?

Be equipped to act immediately during a life threatening situation and possibly save someone’s life by attending Active Shooter training. During this class attendees will review the Avoid, Deny and Defend strategy as we provide tactics, guidance and a proven plan for surviving an active shooter event.

Active Shooter Course Topics:
• History of Active Shooter Events
• Role of Professional Guardians
• Civilian Response Options
• Medical Issues
• Active Shooter Drills

Register Here for regional training in Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo and Cleveland. $60 per person.

Note: If your company is required to complete the Two Hour Green Year Safety Training for the 2015-2016 rate year, this course will meet that requirement.

This training is being taught by Deputy Tony Casper. Deputy Casper has been with the Franklin County Sheriff’s office for 14 years. He is currently assigned to Community Relations and Patrol. He has been training law enforcement and civilians in counter terrorism tactics for the past 2 years.


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