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ACTION REQUIRED – Ohio BWC Settlement Fund Payout

The San Allen v. Ohio BWC Lawsuit has been a hot topic in the workers’ compensation world, especially this year. In late July an agreement was reached to settle the class action lawsuit filed in 2007 against the Ohio BWC for $420 million regarding “inflated premium” charges (paid by non-group rated employers, with certain manual classifications, in policy years 2001 – 2008).

Please be aware that all eligible employers should be on the lookout for notification by mail, including a: Sworn Proof of Claim form, lawsuit notice and steps to take in order to be an eligible class member in the settlement. 

  • Employers, who paid workers ’ compensation premiums to the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (BWC) during Policy Years 2001 – 2008 as a non-group rated employer, may be eligible for payment out of the BWC Settlement Fund.
  • In order to confirm eligibility for payment from the Ohio BWC Settlement Fund, employers must submit the completed Sworn Proof of Claim form to the address below postmarked no later than October 22, 2014.

San Allen Inc. v. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 10107
Dublin, OH. 43017-3107



11 thoughts on “ACTION REQUIRED – Ohio BWC Settlement Fund Payout”

  1. the the form we need to fill out and submit come in the mail. Or, can i get it from this site? please advise

  2. All eligible class action members will be identified by the legal counsel working this case. If you are eligible you will be notified within the next few weeks in order to meet the October 22, 2014 submission deadline.

  3. We received the Sworn Proof of Claim but the owner is concerned about filling out the portion where is asks for banking information

  4. Laura, We assure you that the form is legitimate. The law firm needs the banking information in order to provide the funds. We were told that they would not be mailing checks and that they intentionally left the routing number off in order to provide greater security.

  5. Am I correct that, since our company received the notice of class action, that we are indeed eligible? I don’t believe that we would have any records dating back to 2008 or prior that would indicate whether we were group rated at the time.

  6. Hello Chris,

    Any company that has received a Sworn Proof of Claim form by mail with a random claim number assigned is indeed able to submit the application to the address listed on the form by the deadline date of October 22, 2014. You may also go to the website and input your policy information and claim number on their portal to see your potential payout.

  7. I received my notification. They want me to send them a W-9 with my social security number on it and my bank info. Is this common practice for this sort of payment?
    Is it safe?

  8. I have received the information and returned all by the deadline. I have contacted BWKquestions had problems signing in, with their help was able to get into Policy Information and it was saying $0.00 for our company. I was told to keep checking back that it will take a while to go through all the claims. Is this right? I know we paid lots of money for OBWC when we had an employee injure hisself and our group plan dropped us from their program and our rates were high after that.

  9. We were cheated out of ours settlement, all paper work they sent us was after the dates required. We called them and they said use sample form so we would make it in, they even received paper work and time stamped the The Garden Group. Then they needed out W-9 which we faxed to them, only to be informed later we did not do it right and we will not get our money that was in my opinion stolen from us. We tried several times to contact the attorney Jim Derache but no return calls. If as a company we do not pay worker’s comp they come after us but if they over charge they go to court to fight to keep it and use our tax dollars for lawyers. If anyone else has had issue with this San Allen v OWC please contact us or your local sate rep like we have.

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