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9 Painless Steps to Improve your Workers’ Compensation Program

Do your injured employees know what to do if they are injured on the job?

Do your supervisors know what information is needed if there is a workplace accident?

Do your supervisors know where they should send the document and/or report the injury?

Do your injured employees know where they should seek treatment for a workplace accident?

Do your supervisors know if they should obtain witness statements?

Does your company have internal accident investigation forms?

Do you know who to call for answers regarding an Ohio workers’ compensation claim?

If you can’t answer “yes” to all of these questions, here are some simple steps to streamline your workers’ compensation program:

  • Develop an Employee Claim Reporting Process
  • Establish a relationship with medical providers
  • Evaluate the need for Supervisor Training
  • Complete Accident Reports
  • Obtain Witness Statements and even Non-Witness Statements
  • Create and utilize your Safety Committee
  • Maintain regular communication with the Injured Employee
  • Document – document – document
  • Work with the experts, your Ohio Managed Care Organization (MCO)

Putting these procedures in place before the accident happens can really help when, and if, a workplace injury occurs. Remember to rely on the experts, your MCO, to help you through every stage of a claim.


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