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This Easily Preventable Accident Makes up 60% of all Lost Time Claims!

Slips, trips and falls, and overexertion: 60% of all lost-time claims!

 30% of lost-time injury claims result from slips, trips and falls. They are largely associated with slipping on ice/snow, water/grease and tripping over objects. Overexertion is a cause associated with more than 30% of all lost-time injury claims, mostly related to lifting, pushing and pulling, bending and twisting, repetitive motions, and awkward postures. 54% of lost-time injury claims resulting from overexertion are associated with lifting and pushing and pulling tasks.

There are several simple solutions that can prevent injuries caused by slips, trips and falls:

  • Establish good house-keeping practices;
  • Fix poor lighting;
  • Keep floors and stairs clean and free of objects;
  • Clean slippery surfaces (wet, oily, icy) regularly;
  • Cover hoses and cords or run them out of the path of walking areas;
  • Don’t allow aisles to become cluttered;
  • Establish a procedure for regularly sweeping granular or powdered material;
  • Wear slip resistant footwear;
  • Repair uneven surfaces (such as cracks or holes).

Solutions to preventing injuries caused by overexertion include:

  • Reduce forceful exertions;
  • Reduce manual material handling and eliminate manual lifting by using convey-ors, hoists, lift-assist devices, lift gates on trucks, and other mechanical means;
  • Reduce the weight of objects to be lifted;
  • Lift with the legs not the back;
  • Use handles on objects to be lifted;
  • Reduce the frequency and distances of lifts;
  • Bend the tool, not the wrist;
  • Minimize reaching. Locate frequently used items as close to you as possible;
  • Reduce mechanical pressure on soft tissues;
  • Add padding to tools;
  • Use cushioned chairs;
  • Use floor mats.

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